My List Of The Best Sex Dating Sites

When you start online dating then the first major decisions that you have to make is choosing what are the best sex dating sites for you and your needs. The site can help you to do this, you obviously have to know what your needs and wants are. Are you looking for real dating, with perhaps the idea of a relationship further down the line? Or do you just want to hook up with a girl once in a while and not have any strings attached. Depending on your answer, you will have to find different sites.
sex dating sites

The Place For You

Deciding the right place for you online then is the first hurdle to overcome. Search for dating sites online but do not just plump for the first one at the top of the list. Have a look at all the sites you can. Try searching for sites related to your area (“Colorado dating sites” for instance), or sites related to your personal preferences. If you are Latino and are only looking for a Latino girl, you can easily find sites dedicated to just these girls.

The Best Sex Dating Sites

Here are a few sites to get you started with online dating. Through the years these are the ones that have always popped up on best of lists and the ones that I have personally either used, or have heard great recommendations from their users.


EroticAds works kind of like some of the rating sites that you might have seen online. Instead of trawling through countless profiles of people and having to narrow your search down over time, it is based on what all dating is inevitably based on – looks. We all know that you are first attracted to the photos in people’s profiles, so why deny it? EroticAds simply shows you photos of people and asks if you like them. If you answer yes, then the person is saved to your list, if no, then you will not see their profile again. It is staggering in its simplicity. Once you have selected enough yeses, then you can go and read a bit more about the people and find out if you like them as people as well as to look at. Cutting out all the crap like this can really work for online dating. However, it goes to show just how important good quality photos are to online dating, so you should have yours at the ready.


Any site with hook up in the name is probably going to be one of the best sex dating sites. LocalHotClassifieds allows you to, well, hook up with people in your local area, basically at the push of a button. Boasting thousands of members it is an easy site to use, and an easy one to sign up for. More than that, it is free to sign up for, so you do not have to worry about throwing money down the drain if it doesn’t work out. But it should work out well, as LocalHotClassifieds is a great site and there are countless success stories from it. I have heard from plenty of people who rate it as there number one go to site for simple sex online, a place where they can sign up, put there profile up and then just wait for replies, hooking up with women as they come along, or getting to know girls better and having plenty of friends with benefits around the area.


This site’s slightly more for Canadians than Americans, and if you are looking for personals dating sites for Americans, then you might want to look elsewhere (unless you are near the border, eh), but Match offers a lot of versatility for a dating site, allowing you to do much more than a lot of the bigger sites allow. For one, you can look for different girls under different guises. Maybe you want to have one profile for proper relationships, but want to write another to interest girls who just want to hook up. That is possible with Match. This means that the whole process is a lot simpler, as everyone knows what everyone else is after by just looking at their particular profile. The site also offers other services, for a fee, such as the opportunity to video chat with potential dates. This can be a plus or a minus, and I would generally say to stay clear of such a service. Ever tried to chat normally over Skype, or something? It doesn’t work. There is nothing quite like a face to face meeting, so avoid such gimmicks if you can.

Hopefully one, if not all of these sites will be considered by you to be the best sex dating sites. If not, then compile a list of you own and send it out, so that other men (and women) can learn from your wisdom.

Why You Should Always Talk about Sex Before It Happens

It’s tempting to just jump headfirst into a one-night stand, we get that. When you’re on one-night stand sites (Find out the best site here), it can be pretty exciting and easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment…and forget that you should really be talking about what you want to do before you meet up with your date in Alberta. That being said, it’s extremely important for you to have those kinds of conversations. By talking to these ladies, you’re actually setting yourself up for much more success on your hookup, and for a lot more fun. If you can take the time to figure out exactly what they want in the bedroom, you’re going to have a one-night stand that you never forget.

Figure Out What You Both Want

talk about sex

Talk about what you both like in bed

It’s so important to talk about sex before it happens, especially in the case of hookups, because you just don’t know what to expect from the other person if you don’t. When you’re using one-night stand sites, it’s very easy to chat in e-mails when you’re setting up your hookup about your particular interests, kinks, and fetishes. This is an open-forum of information, more or less, and there’s absolutely no reason to feel shy about it. You’re about to have sex with this person; in order to have a good time and get what you want, you need to tell them exactly what you want!
The problem is, of course, that so many people are conditioned to just suck it up and deal with whatever sex that they can get. When you’re using one-night stand sites, you really don’t need to sit around and take what you can get. You can get exactly what you’re looking for, all because you’re being open, honest, and forthright with your interests. That’s what women want and expect, and so you should just give them what they ultimately want.
It isn’t difficult to bring this up in conversation. You’re all there for the same purpose: to get laid. Talk about it casually on your profile and when you’re chatting with your potential hookup, start asking her what she’s into. If she responds favorably, you can start elaborating further about what you’re into yourself. By doing that, you’re setting yourself up for a lot more fun in the bedroom on the night of your actual hookup.

Talk About Your Kinks


Find out if she likes the same kinks

Everyone’s got some. That’s what makes sex so interesting, after all, but it’s still really important that the two of you go and talk about the kinds of kinks that you’d like to bring into the bedroom before you just show up and start throwing some ideas out randomly. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve been to swingers clubs in Alberta or checked out BDSM in any other city; not talking about it beforehand is a bad idea, especially if you’ve got some kinks in mind that require the use of safe words…and most should, trust us.
Depending on what the two of you want to end up playing around with on your hookup, you might want to discuss the kinds of scenarios that the two of you want to act out well before you actually show up and meet in person. This can make it a lot easier to get into a Dom/sub characterization, and make it a lot easier to be prepared with whatever supplies that the two of you might need. If you want to do a scene that requires more bondage than your usual hookup kid would have, then talking about that sort of thing beforehand is going to make the task much easier, and make it a lot more enjoyable for both of you to get involved and have a good time.
There are also kinks that require quite a bit of preparation, such as any sort of consent play. You should always discuss at length what sort of things you want to do on your hookup, and we usually don’t recommend this kind of kink for a first-time hookup. That being said, if you talk about it well in advance and really plan out the details of it, consent play is a viable option that you shouldn’t write off. Just make sure that both of you are familiar with being safe, sane, and consensula, and that you practice RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) in the bedroom. Having a safe word is a must in these situations; otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for being sentenced to prison for rape.

Talk About Your Fetishes

talk about fetishes

Tell him about your secret fantasies

There are a lot of weird fetishes out there. There are some weird and fun ones, too, and no matter what you’ve got up your sleeve, if you want to involve them on the night of your hookup, then you need to chat your date up about them before you start fondling her feet or asking her to put on a fluffy chicken suit.
Whatever you’re into–again–it’s just important that you bring it up well in advance. Talk about it through e-mails or texts; we don’t really care how it gets chatted about, so long as it’s chatted about. If you try to start bringing up your fetishes in the middle of the two of you having sex, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s going to shove you off and walk right out the door. If you actually mention them beforehand, however, and ask her if it’s okay for you to do certain things, you’re going to end up with one happy camper and a hookup that neither of you will ever forget.
This goes for her, too, of course. Think about how you’d feel if the girl you were with suddenly told you she was going to cover you in honey and you were going to like it. That doesn’t exactly sound like the most pleasant thing in the world (think of how sticky it would be) but if she actually told you beforehand that honey-covering was her fetish; you might be more into it–if only for how turned-on it would make her. That’s why it’s so important to talk about this kind of thing, and just get it out of the way before the two of you start getting down and dirty.

Whatever You Do, Just TALK


Keep talking

It’s so important to talk about what you want to do before you meet up with your hookup. So many guys seem to think they can just walk into the room with a girl and do whatever they want because she’s horny, too, but that’s really not the case. You need to take the time to discuss with her what you’re both into, or otherwise, you’re going to end up disappointed and pretty annoyed at the way your evening turned out. You’re also going to end up with a reputation as a guy that just doesn’t give a damn about the woman he’s with, and that’s really no way to keep getting hookups. All it really takes is a little conversation, and believe it or not, it’s not like pulling teeth at all. Good luck, and have a lot of fun talking about sex.

Where To Find A Summer Fling – How Much Do You Want This?

summer fling

Learn where to find a summer fling

Have you ever wanted to find summer fling within a very short span of time and feel that everything you do is nothing but a failure? Well, you are not alone. Many people have attempted the same without much success. However, there is always an exception to every rule. What this means is that there are plenty more people who have managed to succeed with regard to discovering where to find a summer fling. The Internet is filled with online dating sites – find the top-sites list here – where you can always meet up with anyone you want. The only challenge comes when you want a physical instead of an online encounter with your summer fling.

How Do I Find a Date Quickly?

If you really want to meet with a summer fling as quickly as possible, regardless of what your reasons are, then you would need to work hard and smart. You have to improve your knowledge and skills on identifying where to find a summer fling if you intend to be successful in this regard. Your knowledge cannot afford to be of poor quality. Your skills and tactics must be worked on and put to the test if you are to get the date you want within a very short span of time. There are instances where you can get the summer fling you need within a period of seven days and enjoy having her around you.

Project a Happy Countenance

One of the key traits people look for in people they intend to date includes happiness. If the person you intend to date is constantly happy wherever you are chatting or meeting physically, there is a very high possibility that you will start feeling some attraction towards them. This attraction is likely to give rise or birth to a fling. If you are searching for where to find a summer fling, you would need to display a happy or smiling disposition. This is not to say that you start pretending whenever you come across people since they can tell whether you are genuinely happy to see them or simply putting on a show.

Don’t Forget to Network

If you want to discover where to find a summer fling, you will not succeed until you start working on your networks. In simple language, this means that you must start going out and being social with other people. This is critical for you and will determine whether you succeed or fail in your venture. Your friends can go a long way towards helping you out on these matters. Instead of choosing to go on your own without asking for their help, you should work on your people skills. Friends can always save you greatly if you are interested in getting a summer fling within a short span of time. There are times when the combined efforts of more than one person are required to get a summer fling within the shortest period of time. Some of your most trusted friends could come in handy here hence the need to solicit their help. Your co-workers and family members may also be asked to lend a hand in this task. There is always someone close to you who knows where to get a summer fling quickly. This person probably is aware of someone who wants a date as well and they can easily hook the two of you up. Don’t forget that this is a good way of getting someone trustworthy since your loved ones care about you.

Accept Invitations and Attend All Events

One of the best avenues through which you can meet as many people as you want, including a prospective summer fling, is to say yes to all the events you are invited for. Cocktails and parties where you are invited, present you with one of the most affordable ways of landing a summer fling. Don’t say no to these invitations. Don’t lock yourself in your room or house instead of going out to meet with other people. There is always a possibility that you will come across someone out there who will please you to such an extent that you ask them out on a date and they end up being a summer fling.

If you Love Online Dating Sites, Create a Good Online Profile

A summer fling can start in the unlikeliest of places. You could be chatting with the people you are accustomed to on online dating sites and suddenly realize that there is a person who is interested in a fling. Don’t be in the habit of ruling ou6t every person who starts flirting with you. There are times when the simple flirting would very well end up being the summer fling you needed. If you don’t have an online profile, work towards making one. If you already have an online profile, improve it as much as you can. This is one way of discovering where to find a summer fling.

Change Your Tactics

If there is something that you have been doing for a while and it seems as if there isn’t any success yet, it could be time for you to think about changing your tactics. Nowhere are people told that they must keep on doing the same things they have been trying until they succeed, even where it is very clear that nothing is working out. Once in a while, it would be a good idea for you to change your strategies and try something that is completely different from what you have been doing. A tiny tweak in your actions could be everything that is required in order to discover where to find a summer fling. Probably you have been visiting clubs and dance locations with your friends and still you are unable to get the summer fling you are desperately in need of. Instead of starting to despair, why don’t you start going to the same spots or locations on your own? It could be that you have already met with a prospective summer fling only that she is afraid of approaching you or responding positively to your advances because she fears the large crowd which you are a part of. If you want to see success regarding where to find a summer fling, such simple alterations in your modus operandi would be helpful.

Why Don’t You Join a Club?

A simple solution would be to join a local club where you get to interact with people who share the same interests or hobbies with you. There are hundreds of clubs you could always join and meet with people who share the similar interests with you. Why should you incur a lot of expenses on this issue when it is possible to discover where to find a summer fling with ease? Moreover, you could always choose to join even more than one club if you want to make the process a quick one. Find something that you really love and enjoy doing and check around to see if there is a club where people with the same passion meet. If you are single, and probably this is why you want to learn more on where to get a summer fling, you should love mingling and interactions with other people. Don’t be the kind of a person who says NO to advances from other people. Of course, this does not mean that you should not have a set of criteria to help you choose the right kind of person.

How to Approach Women

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s all in the approach?” Well, that saying goes for just about anything, especially dating women here in British Columbia. We have seen men get turned down over and over again in nightclubs, bars, and just about any public setting you can think of simply because they have no idea how to approach a woman. Some men like to argue that not all women are the same. This is true. We agree with that entirely.

But when you think about approaching a woman, think about how you go in for a job interview. At any interview, no matter what the job is, you are going to behave in a manner that will hopefully impress your potential boss. So why would you not behave in a manner that is going to impress your potential date? Many women like to be approached by men who appear to have charm, wit, and common sense. Before you go about approaching women, make sure to strengthen up your game so you will not end up being embarrassed.

Don’t be too cocky

don't be cocky

Keep your cockiness to yourself

Women like confidence, not cockiness. When you approach a woman in British Columbia, do not go over to her expecting her to think that she should be honored to have a guy like you showing interest in her. That will get you absolutely nowhere. The same thing can be said for when you are online and sending a woman a message through dating service websites. While you should make sure that your profile is confident, you do not want to make it seem like you know you can get any woman that that you want.

When you begin communicating with women in person and online, do not play mind games with them. Nine times out of ten, she can tell exactly what you are up to. The same way that you think you may be playing a woman, she may also be playing you. Women listen to our crap on a daily basis. Even if she has never met you, she can tell when you are lying about something. The great thing about dating service websites is that they allow us to glorify ourselves to people who do not know us. But anyone can create a dating profile, and you run the risk of someone you know spotting your profile. This is an especially important thing to consider if you are already in a relationship, but are looking for someone on the side.

Don’t be too sad, angry, or needy

Don't be depressive

Nobody likes a depressive personality

Unless you have some type of specific mental disorder, it is extremely difficult for us to escape emotions. Emotions are fine. There is nothing wrong with them. But you want to make sure you are not coming off as too emotional in person or on your dating profile. Websites like,, and other dating service websites from this ranking, are places where you can tell women the good things about you and why they should date you. If you bring out too many emotions too quickly, it may send some women running away.

When you come off as angry in your profile, it is an immediate red flag to most women. Women have to deal with enough stuff. They do not want to date a man who is angry, especially when she knows he is trying to convince women that he is worth their time.

Sadness and neediness are also things that will turn women off your profile. While you may be lucky and land a woman who wants to “fix” you, most of the time, women are just going to pass you by. Many women on dating service websites are looking for fun and love, not depression. If you are depressed and unhappy, seek mental help before you start trying to find someone to date. Dating is not a cure for depression.

Let her get to know you

Have a good personality

Let your good personality shine through

Many women love a man with a sense of humor. This does not mean that your entire profile should be random jokes and silliness. Women are still going to want to know who you are and why they should consider dating you. But you can still keep your profile fun and lighthearted. One way to let her know your sense of humor is by mentioning your favorite comedy books and movies. If you are not much of a book reader, you should read at least one book. She may ask you what your favorite book is. Even if you never read another book in your life, you will have an honest answer for her.

Mention the things you like to do for fun. Are you a daredevil who skydives on the weekends? Do you have an amazing winning streak going in whatever card games you play with your buddies? Do you take silly pictures of your cat and post them on the internet? Whatever you do for enjoyment, do not be afraid to tell her. Some of your fun hobbies may be strange to her, but she may also find some of them interesting. She may even do them herself, or want to learn more about yours. This is where you can shine. Teach her all about it and impress her with your knowledge.

Pour on the charm

How to seduce a girl

Charm her and she is yours

Now that you have an impressive profile, start sending women messages. Your messages should not be thousands of words long, but it also should not be too short and boring. Do not send a woman messages on any dating service websites that read, “Hey! how r u?” Chat speak is tacky and ridiculous. If you do not have time to approach a woman or are too lazy to fully type out your words, you will not be able to handle dating someone.

Another thing you should not do when approaching women online is to send her a message regarding her appearance. Women receive messages like: “You’re sexy,” and “You have an amazing body,” and “Wow” all the time. It is not thoughtful or flattering. It is lazy and juvenile. If you want a woman to be interested in you, you are going to have to give her reason to. Send her a message that clearly shows you read her profile. Which brings up this next point – Read her profile, we do not care how long it is. If you are interested in dating her, you need to read her profile. Not only so that you can charm her, but so that you can decide if you are actually interested in dating her. When you read a woman’s profile, sometimes you discover things like she is a complete psycho and that you want to stay far away from her.

No matter how you go about contacting a woman, one thing you should never do is harass her. If you send her a message and she does not reply back, you can try one more time before you need to leave her alone. Do not constantly message her asking her why she will not return your messages. If you go on a date with her and call her, but she never returns your calls, take it as though she is not interested in you and leave her be. You cannot force a woman to like you. But if you follow some of these steps, you won’t have to.

Modern Dating Advice for Men

Dating advice for men is a somewhat strange sphere. Most advice you will read tells you the age old advice of “Be yourself” and “Be Confident” as if they are the only things that are important for dating. Whilst being yourself and being confident is sound advice, it’s not really that helpful. Even less helpful when being yourself means you are not confident! Whilst you shouldn’t lie about who you truly are, a little bravado can go a long way to making you feel better about yourself.

Apart from these two ideas, most other dating advice is outdated or no longer useful to young men. This article aims to give you a bit of a pointer on how to become better at dating. These new rules will hopefully aid you in your journey to finding the perfect partner, or at least having a good time trying.


Old dating advice gives you arbitrary rules like “”Wait exactly three days before returning a call”, which makes no sense in our modern, hyper connected society. Most women nowadays will have a mobile phone, which means you will be expected to be at least familiar with texting her or using the Internet to chat to her.


man texting and smiling on bus

Keeping up to date with the latest in communication isn’t a difficult task, especially as new methods of communication appear infrequently. In addition to being able to keep in touch whenever you need to, increasing communication with your date is a great way to bond on a deep level. Mobile phones can make your life and relationships less complex and easier to enjoy. Again, for the small amount of effort needed, texting and phone calls are well worth it.

Being aware of your online past

As an extension of the past point, anything you share online can probably resurface quite easily. Some dates might go to the length of searching for anything they can find relating to you before going on a date with you. Whilst this is inherently creepy, it’s not necessarily done because of negative personality traits. Most people want to know as much about things as they can and Googling you is an easy task, with a high potential yield. The problem occurs when you have something that you would prefer to tell people on your own terms, like a criminal record or divorces. Dates might find information they don’t like about you, perhaps costing you the date. If your past is shady, you may well be asked questions about it!

Be Outlandish!

Our lives are filled with things vying for our attention, with new ways being created every day. In the minefield that is online dating, your date could be on a date with someone else by tomorrow. By being outlandish, fun to be around and confident in yourself, your date might see themselves with you for the future. Being confident in yourself, enough to ask your date on another date in the future is attractive and it shows you care about the other person enough to want to spend more time with them. In the modern day, playing hard to get with end up with you being left alone. Communicating with your date how you feel is the best way to figure out where you stand. If you both don’t really feel the date, it could be a huge relief to both of you.

Marriage isn’t always the Goal

Most of the time nowadays, especially with younger girls, dating isn’t necessarily for the purpose of finding someone to marry. The stigma of being alone at thirty or forty is pretty much gone now, so some of your dates might just be looking to enjoy themselves for some time. This isn’t a bad reflection on you, and you can still enjoy their company too. Of course, if you are looking for marriage, communicating this early on in the relationship will mean you don’t get hurt when you find out later that wasn’t exactly what she was thinking. Marriage is a fantastic thing, yet, sometimes people do not want to get married and wish simply to co-habit and be happy with their satisfying relationship. This is a beautiful thing to aim for; marriage and children can always come later.

Keeping Chivalry Alive

Doom and gloom is the best way to sell the news to people. Romance has been “dead” for a huge amount of time, apparently. In the modern world, where most communication is lighting quick, easy and almost throwaway, someone with an adept grasp on social grace and simple skills of days gone by can really set you apart from the crowd. Setting yourself out from the crowd like this is easy enough. Being charming, kind and graceful should come naturally to you and consideration of other peoples’ feelings counts more than ever. Keeping a little nice paper and ink around allows you to write little letters and tokens of affection, keeping the good parts of the past. People keep their love letters for decades after they receive them!Nowadays, holding up the promise of a phone call can make a man seem a true gentleman, where other guys are simply the rabble leftovers.

Don’t try to Over-impress

This one is our personal pet hate. On a first or second date, don’t wear clothes that you actually don’t wear. You might it would be nice to come dressed all in a tuxedo, but if you don’t often wear super smart clothes normally it does seem very try hard. Whilst it might make you feel more confident in how you look, it can give off the opposite effect. Reveal the real you, and stick to clothing you actually wear. Wearing clean clothes that suit your shape and actually fit you makes you look a hundred times more attractive than simply wearing your “smart” clothes. Dressing up in a strange manner for you is obvious and screams insecurity. Of course, if you regularly do dress up in a full suit and tie, go ahead and go you! Wearing a tie is non-negotiable if you are going to a place where ties are necessary. If you are taking a date to the opera, you need to wear a tie.

A great first impression is difficult to create; yet a bad first impression is easy. Reversing a bad impression can take many more dates, and can even set the tone that you are judged by in the future. Lying about your achievements doesn’t make anyone think that you are great and it sets you up for an uncomfortable time when people inevitably find out you are lying in the future. The same can be said about boasting about the things you have done already. Boasting is not attractive and if the person in question wants to know more about something you mention, they will inquire about it. Boasting, overt pride and lying are all vulgar personality traits that you should try your best not to cultivate.



Whilst all of these tips will help you whilst you are dating, the main thing is to have fun and make your date feel good. Hopefully, the nerves will pass and you can have a great time with one another!

Reasons Why Sex in Real Life is Different from the Movies

The movies are a great way to escape the realities of mundane everyday life, at least for a while. In today’s oversexed society, sex scenes in movies are no longer a big deal. Over time, people have come to think that real life is just like in the movies. Just like the action hero with an endless supply of ammo that never seems to die, sex in the movies is nothing like in real life. Below are some of the reasons why sex in real life is very different from what the movies make it out to be.


Real life sex is awkward

This is especially the case when having sex with someone for the first time. Unlike in the movies where the couple can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off, real life sex can be very awkward. The alcohol can take off the edge, but anyone will tell you sober sex with a new partner can be extremely awkward. The movies never show any of the self consciousness. Couples also aren’t in sync as they make it out to be in the movies. There will be some awkward bumps, knocks and sometimes even noises; but all these things are what make sex so exciting in the first place.

Not everyone is having sex

There is no denying that people in the movies are over sexed. To be honest, few people have that much sex in real life. The movies would also make you think that no one actually waits until they are married to have sex. The reality on the ground is that there are still a significant number of people holding out until their wedding day. For some people, sex before marriage is unthinkable. At the end of the day, it is all a matter of personal choice.

Sex involves work

This is not the physical aspect of it. Movies portray sex as this impeccable act where each partner knows exactly what to do and when. Real life is very different. You are not just born to be good at sex. This is something that is learned over time. Different people also have different preferences, so you would have to find out what turns the other person on, what they prefer in bed and so on. These are things that are rarely shown in the movies. You have to work hard at being good at sex in real life.

There is an advantage in long-term relationships

Hollywood is all about casual dating and having sex with as many people as possible. Although you can have good sex with a fling, it is rarely ever great sex. Being with someone over a long term relationship however can result is some great sex. You get to know the person intimately, what they like, and work at pleasing your partner. Sex in long term relationships actually gets better, but of course only if both partners work at it. This is something that you will never see in the movies.


Sex is messy

People in movies magically look good after sex. The truth in real life is sex is messy. There are body fluids involved, and there is clean up required after sex. This of course is never actually shown in the movies. The cleanup process can be unsexy and glamorous, but yet again, this is real life.

Sex isn’t mind blowing every time

There is rarely bad sex in the movies. It is easy to believe that there is actually no such thing as bad sex. Sex in the movies is over the top every time, where both partners know exactly what to do. In real life, sex cannot be amazing all the time. There are times where it will be good, sometimes not all that amazing. Actually, there are more misses than hits when it comes to sex in real life, if only for a while until you find that perfect partner.

 There is still sex after children

The movies make it out to look like all intimacy dies when the children come in. There are numerous jokes made in the movies about no more sex once the children come into the picture. There is of course some truth to it, but it is not entirely the case. With a little creativity, it is possible to have the same type of intimacy that was there before the children. Having kids doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the sex life.


Sex doesn’t always just happen

The scene that is always played out in the movies starts with the couple passionately kissing, and eventually end up in bed for some great sex. Although this does happen sometimes in real life, it is not really the case. Sex is a decision more than anything. There is rarely so much passion after a kiss that the couple ends up naked on the bed.

It is easy to idealize sex based on what you see in the movies. At the end of the day, real life is quite different from what Hollywood makes it out to be. This doesn’t mean that sex in real life isn’t good. It is actually even better than the movies, for the simple reason that it is real!

How to Purchase Stock


To invest in a company based in the Stock Market, you need to buy stock. Owning Stock is analogous to owning a percentage of the company itself as a stake of the complete equity of the company. Stock is a virtual representation of assets and profits and is often sold to raise money for the initial phase of a company’s lifespan.

People buy and trade stock in hundreds if not thousands of companies every day, for profit, the promise of dividends and many other reasons. I make a fair living from buying and selling stock and I will show you in this article how to buy stock in a company.

Most stocks and shares are available to the general public and will be traded on something called a Stock Exchange. Stock Exchanges are a place where services for stockbrokers and traders exist to buy and sell stocks and options to other people. There are many different Stock Exchanges in the world, the most famous being the NYSE, FTSE and NASDAQ.

Whilst you can physically go to a stock exchange for placing your orders on the market, with the advent of the Internet this isn’t necessary anymore. Instead, you find a broker to do this for you and these are readily found all over the Internet.

Buying Stocks on the Internet

Finding a broker on the Internet is easy and there are many guides around to finding the right type of broker for you. Between the discount brokers and the full range of features brokers, you can find an easy way to buy stocks.

Once you have found a suitable online broker, you can make trades at any time you want. Some brokers will help you with their resources and give you tips on what to trade if you are not sure, however we recommend you get your data from an unbiased source and check out any investments before you buy in to them.

If you are interested in buying more shares of a particular company, you can approach the company directly with your offer. Generally, companies have an investment department where you can buy stocks easily. I have done this on multiple occasions and recommend it if you have an ongoing investment in a company. This allows you to escape paying the brokerage fees also.

To actually purchase stock, one has to set up a buy order, specifying what type of order they are setting up. Requests to buy and sell can take time, according to the market and the type of broker you are dealing with. It can take up to a few minutes to process an order if you are using a cheap broker which means the cheapest broker may not be the best choice if you are day trading or using other advanced investment strategies. I personally use multiple brokers to place orders, depending on my needs at the time.

Placing a buy order is important for a few reasons. Without specifying an amount to your broker, your broker will assume you mean the current price of the stock on the market at this time. You can tell your broker to wait till the stock reaches a different value before buying and this is extremely advantageous.


Buying : The Details

So, to recap, I would first find out about the company I wish to invest in. Then, I figure out how much I think a share of the company is worth and whether or not I want to buy at the current market price. I find the ticker symbol for the company, such as AAPL for Apple Inc. and decide how many shares I wish to buy from Apple. Once I decide on the amount of shares I want to buy, I multiply the price I wish to buy them for by the amount of shares I want and add on the commission charge.  For example, let’s say AAPL is worth $512 per share. I want to buy four shares at $512, costing me $2,048 in total, with an additional $10 for my broker.

I add this money to my brokerage account and send the order to the broker. The broker can also keep on to the shares for a specified time only if you wish to include this in your order. This is good for day trading and other strategies.

If I wanted to buy at less that $512, I could set a limit order, telling the broker to buy on my behalf when the price reaches a given value, say $500 instead. This allows me to buy at a lower rate and hopefully sell when it reaches a higher rate later in the day, week or month.


Selling stock is pretty much the same. You place a selling order with the same information about the stock and what price you want to sell the stock at or just that you want to sell the stock. If you don’t specify a value, the stock will be sold instantly to the closest buy order available.